"I don’t believe in love at first sight but I do believe in seeing someone from across the room and knowing instantly that they’re going to matter to you."
- Ryan O’Connell (via missmegrose)

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do NOT succumb to the booty call night texts!!!

"Fiction gives us empathy: it puts us inside the minds of other people, gives us the gifts of seeing the world through their eyes. Fiction is a lie that tells us true things, over and over."
- Neil Gaiman- Fahrenheit 451 Introduction (via dortheaisles)

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"I want to be there for others who are struggling to find their voice, because I know how hard it is to create the person you want to be in this crazy world."
- Leo (zodiacsociety)

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I really hope your karma is me haunting your dreams until you finally need to talk to me only to find silence as your only answer.